Is your farm organic? The answer is…


People often ask if our farm is organic. The simple answer is no, our farm is not organic. There are so many reasons for a farmer to take the certified organic route, so many reasons for them not to, that we would probably need a few days to discuss what it would take to make a working farm certified organic. We have nothing but praise and respect for those who have worked to become certified. It is certainly not an easy task. The reasoning just does not apply to each and every farm. We do, however, practice sustainable farming and follow a very simple list of natural products that help our plants grow year round. We take very strong consideration for each product as to keep you, your family and our family safe. We only have one world and we intend to do everything that we can to keep the soil safe and free of toxic ingredients. Here are just a few of those products and why we love them so much:

Fish Fertilizer is a fantastic product gives our plants the little bit of pop that they need when growth is slow, especially during unpredictable weather patterns. We use fish fertilizer when the plants are transplanted into the ground to give them a good base and we also use this mixture to foliar feed the plants when they need a little natural help. This product is made from fish and is full of rich nutrients.

Liquid Kelp is made only from seaweed and is used to improve seed germination. We also use liquid kelp to improve root development when working in sandy soils. Did you know that plants can become stressed in extreme weather conditions? It’s true and liquid kelp actually helps relieve that stress for them.

Mushroom Compost is spread on the farm throughout the year. Whenever we are replacing a previously used bed with new plants, we will spread mushroom compost and comb it into the ground. The mushroom compost provides important nutrients to the plants and reduces soil compaction.

Please feel free to contact us by email if you ever have questions regarding our farming methods. We are always happy to meet new friends and learn new techniques that you yourself may be using on your farm. Take care!