Post Storm Catch Up

man and man on tractor on vegetable farm

You may have experienced a little unexpected flooding during this past week and we truly hope that everyone is safe. We’re happy to report that the farm is okay. It’s not in stellar condition, but we operate with the knowledge that it could always be worse. In the course of 7 days, we took on 9.77” of rain. Again, the aftermath of last weeks storm could always be worse as we hear reports from parts of Salisbury and Delaware.

The veggies that were hardest hit were those planted in the lower fields that includes rich soil for better growth but poor drainage when you receive so much precipitation in a small amount of time. About 75% of our farm is comprised of sand, which helps in the drainage department. We have not been able to evaluate every bed as we don’t have access to certain parts of the farm. We are working on this and we hope to have a better report for everyone by Wednesday.

As always, we thank you for your continued support. Oh, and if there’s anything that you can do to push Hurricane Matthew further Northeast, that would be great, too! Thank you!