Protecting Your Plants During A Cold Snap

We love Mother Nature for so many reasons, one of them being her unpredictable nature. If you prefer colder temperatures, then you may consider this weekend’s forecast an act of kindness, but our tomato plants and pepper plants would strongly disagree. But no fear! There are several ways to protect your plants when a cold snap is coming your way!

The most important thing to do is to protect your plant’s leaves and flowers from the freeze. If you wake up in the morning and realize that your delicate plants (tomatoes, summer squash, peppers, basil, etc.) have a light coating of frost, please know that in most cases, they will bounce back. In a more severe frost, the end result may not be as positive.

Okay, enough of the grim talk! Let’s protect those baby plants. Below are a few simple suggestions that you can do today to protect your plants for tomorrow:

  1. For plants that are already in the ground, simply cover them with a sheet or light blanket. Note: do not cover a plant with just plastic. As the plastic will keep frost off of the plants, it will damage the plants in other ways.
  2. Be sure to remove the sheets and blankets first thing in the morning so that condensation does not build up and freeze again under the covering.
  3. Watering the soil, not the leaves or stems of the plants, will help the soil retain heat and can help the plant’s roots and lower branches survive.
  4. If your plants are potted, move them indoors, but wait until dusk. Allow them to have all of the sunlight they can during the day.