A New Toy!

wagon base on trailer

Plastic Layer 2016I know that I’ve said this before, but it is sooooo good to be back! Even with the unpredictable weather, we have had a very productive year on the farm. We have been fortunate enough to purchase a few new pieces of equipment (new to us, maybe not new to the world) for the farm which has allowed us to cover more land in more ways than one. Our most recent purchase includes a plastic layer. Sometimes, you will hear people refer to the plastic as “plastic mulch”, which is used to minimize weeds and insulate the ground that we are preparing to plant in. Plants are a lot like people and tend to like a nice, warm bed to land in when they are being transplanted into the earth. This plastic layer was a great find in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. Thank you so much to the fine folks at Nolt’s for helping us find the perfect addition to our farm!