Why we love heirlooms!

Winter time at the farm is a bittersweet time of year.  We don’t have the sweet delicious veggies of the summer, but we get a chance to take a breath plan for next year.  It’s funny how time helps you forget the promise you made in August that did we really need all these different tomato varieties?…Fast forward to February and it seems as the post office delivers a new box every day.  I am a sucker for a good story!

So, how do we choose the heirloom seeds that we do? Three reasons – the story, nutrition and more importantly, the taste. We choose open-pollinated heirloom seeds that date anywhere from 25 – 200+ years old and with that broad history range, a lot of good stories are bound to surface!  So many of the seeds we grow traveled across the open seas to America and have been passed down from generation to generation, just like we do today.

Did you know that there is research that suggests that heirloom fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than hybrid varieties!  In the post WWII era breeders and commercial growers have been pushing for higher yields and greater ship ability.  While it is true that hybrids out yield heirlooms (we can vouch for that!) it has been revealed that many of the newer varieties of fruits and vegetables are less nutritious.

And the taste of an heirloom vegetable compared to a hybrid vegetable is second to none. The exceptional taste of the heirloom vegetables that we grow is the first reason that we began our backyard garden that has since grown into 12 acres of opportunity. We began our garden for ourselves, our friends and family. When our plants began to produce more than we could eat, we began taking a small batch to the farmers market each week and the response was astounding. It was there when we realized that people love heirloom vegetables as much as we do!

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